Footprints in the Sand

Helping you to say Goodbye in the most personal way

Creating a special service

When someone close to you passes away, as well as coping with the emotional impact, there is a lot to do that you may or may not want to take responsibility for yourself. You might already have thought about the style and type of service that you want, or it may be a totally new experience for you. Whichever it is, my aim and desire is to help you to create a special service for those left to say Goodbye.

Giving Thanks

Through a bespoke and individualised service I will help you to celebrate and give thanks for the life of your loved one, whilst still retaining the dignity that a funeral service requires. You can give thanks and remember in whatever way you wish that encapsulates the person and who they were.

I will help you to customise your ideas, and if you are not sure what they are I will develop a service for you after you have told me more about the life of the person. Family and friends can be included in the service as you wish or I can take the whole service for you.

Traditional or Modern

The service can have a traditional meditative focus, or be more creative and modern. A tribute or eulogy will generally be a key part of the service. You can also include readings and poetry. There can be music to listen to, songs or hymns to sing, you can perform your own music or have no music. The service can include both faith based and secular material and I can bridge the gap between church and humanist services.

Lasting Memories

Above all the service is about leaving you with a fitting memorial to the person that has passed away. They will have left indelible footprints on your heart and lasting memories which we will capture in a personal service for yourself, your family and your friends. Afterwards I will provide you with a copy of the whole service.


I am available for services in Solihull, Coventry, Kenilworth, Warwick, Coleshill and surrounding areas. Please call me at any time during the day, evenings or weekends to arrange a meeting, or talk to your funeral director and they will contact me.

About Jill

My brother and I wrote the funeral services to say Goodbye to my parents; an incredibly positive experience. Later, meeting celebrants at other funerals, I realised that that not everyone wanted a religious leader to conduct a funeral ceremony.

So I undertook celebrant training, giving me the tools to put together a unique and meaningful service. I have also become a Member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

I worked with people of all ages, beliefs and backgrounds as a business trainer, and also as a volunteer in the Scout Association. I mentor and coach individuals, and believe passionately that everyone should be allowed to make their own decisions about important matters in life.

I am able to bring this experience to bear helping others, even when mourning the loss of someone dear to them, helping most personal way.

Jill Bowman